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We quote all cleaning projects on a few factors, square footage being the top factor. A bigger project is going to cost more. Next, how dirty is it? If the area is very mossy, as opposed to an area that was pressure washed last year, it will be more expensive. A few factors are roof pitch and roof height. it will be more expensive for roof cleaning and gutter cleaning because there if more risk is involved.

For ballpark estimates, you can use $.25 per square foot for concrete $.35 per square foot for decking, $2 per linear foot of gutter cleaning. Roof cleaning estimates need to be done in person.

For holiday lighting estimates click here.

We give discounts for seniors (65+) and military.

We will never be the cheapest option, but you get what you pay for with subcontractors. A cheap job will end up costing more in the long run because you will have to get it done twice. Also, the cheapest option will be done with cheap equipment and no insurance or licensing.

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PNW Pressure Washing

Seattle, WA - Bellingham, WA

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