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Roof Cleaning

We offer 2 types of roof cleaning and we NEVER use a pressure washer on your asphalt shingle roof.

- Roof Blow: This process involves blowing debris from the roof with a leaf blower, it is a fraction of the cost of a deep clean, but still provides a great service. It's like vacuuming your carpet when you own a dog. You know you should get a deep clean eventually but for now, the vacuum will work just fine. It's always a good idea to get a roof blow when scheduling a gutter cleaning to prevent debris from filling the gutters up right after they get cleaned.

- Deep Roof Clean: This is a much more detailed process involving a softwash of your roof. First, we blow the roof with a leaf blower, removing any top layer dirt and loose moss. Any large clumps of moss are removed by hand or brush, careful to not remove shingle granules. A mix of sodium hypochlorite and surfactant are applied to the roof at 400 PSI (about the same same as your garden hose) and let dwell for 45 minutes before rinsing moss off at 400 PSI again. Gutter cleaning is included after rinsing and all debris is raked and moved from yard after roof cleaning. Discounts are available for those who prefer to let mother nature do her work on the roof moss. After applying the roof mix, moss turns yellow or white and instantly dies. After a few days, it will begin to shrivel and after a few months of sun, wind and rain, the moss will be completely gone from the roof. This is the safest, least invasive way to clean the roof.

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PNW Pressure Washing

Seattle, WA - Bellingham, WA

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