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Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is our bread and butter. We started with pressure washing and we pride ourselves on knowing the tricks of the trade, effecient work, the best equipment and best practices.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning includes downspout clearing. All gutters are cleaned by hand and downspouts have a variety of safe methods of clearing. Clean your gutters at least once per year if your live near trees. Growth can form on the underside of your shingles that overhang the gutters and cause mold and growth, which will eventually destroy the roof.


Roof Cleaning

Softwashing your roof is arguably one of the most valuable services you can purchase for your home. We do not use pressure on the roof. A simple soaking of a solution to kill moss is the safest way to clean your roof. Never use pressure.


Purchase this service not for the looks, but for the function and investment in roof health. You can put off re-roofing your home another 10 years by getting the moss and mold cleaned and treated every year. That leads to thousands of $$ in savings.


Softwashing is the soft application of sodium hypochlorite on a surface to kill moss and inhibit growth. Living in Washington State its a good idea to purhcase softwashing of your siding and roof once per year. With so many trees and just enough sunlight, your siding gets the perfect combination of pollen, sun, shade and warmth to foster growth of mold, mildew and moss on your siding and roof. This can damage siding if left un treated. We can clean all kinds of siding and many types of roofs.

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PNW Pressure Washing

Seattle, WA - Bellingham, WA

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